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However, Navarrese sources unexpectedly appear to show Navarre as a completely different case.

The information used in compiling Chapter 1 has been extracted mainly from the cartularies of the monasteries of Albelda It appears from these sources that the nobility in Navarre during this period was a largely homogeneous, self-contained group.

At the first appointment, the person will have personal data verified and take a computerized IQ test. Atuda: for those who wish to complete university studies before doing their army service.

This can be taken in Hebrew or English, but taking it in English may foreclose certain positions that require higher levels of Hebrew. This is a difficult program to get into and requires staying in the army several years longer, practicing the “task” for which the student studied–dentistry, medicine, international relations, mechanical engineering…Kef International Ltd.

New immigrants (olim) are subject to the same Military Service Law that applies to Israeli citizens, permanent residents of Israel, and Israeli citizens who hold dual citizenship and reside abroad. The length of service is determined by family status, physical profile, and date of entry before immigrating to Israel.

The date of entry for a new immigrant is taken to be the date of return to Israel, if the immigrant participates in a recognized program of up to one year, then leaves for a year, or is in Israel for a year not in a program, then leaves for at least 2 years.