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Refer to your best judgement or the FC instructions on jamming targets.

The priority displayed here is meant only as a basic guideline for prioritizing targets on a theoretical level, actual field priority may differ depending on the circumstances.

With the maximum configuration of cargo expanding modules and rig calibration, the Orca's standard cargo hold can grow to an approximate range of 81,000 to 101,000 m3 dependent on skills, but at a significant loss to EHP.

A more reasonable fit with a Tech 2 Damage Control puts it into a range of 63,000 to 79,000 m3, still enough for a packaged battleship.

It has a ship bay that can carry small and medium sized ships without needing to be repackaged (which would lose rigs and insurance) and a good amount of general cargo space.Another way to support mining ops would be to train to fly a full wing of five drones from the Orca.Depending on the situation you will want either combat drones (to kill belt rats) or ECM drones (to counter potential gankers).Note that, in order to use heavy ECM drones, you will need Miners in the fleet can have access only to the Corporate hangar bays directly, and since corporation default permissions are used, only to the same hangars that they would have access to while docked in a station can be accessed.The Orca pilot must move ore from the Corporate Hangar Bay to the ore bay or the Cargo bay when the Corporate bay gets too full.