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They've expressed deep concern about this proposed website and they warned the administrators of the university. Peterson has also recently participated in doxing students at other universities who opposed him speaking on another campus. AP: Doxing is when people who are malevolent ferret out as much information as they can find on any forum anywhere and try to use it to harass the person and bring bad consequences upon them.They believe that they will be subjected to harassment and that this could lead to quote “unsafe work and study conditions for students, faculty and staff.” What do you make of that? CO: How popular do you think Professor Peterson's ideas are? CO: You point out that your faculty and your discipline is not a target of Professor Peterson.The U of T faculty Association says that his website quote “is designed to place under surveillance certain kinds of academic content.” Members of the Women's and Gender Studies Institute at U of T have written the school's administrators saying quote “This web site, if launched, presents a serious case of harassment, fostering unsafe work and study conditions for students faculty and staff,” unquote. As a science professor I'm not specifically targeted but I still believe this website is morally wrong.A number of students and faculty members who I'm in correspondence with are concerned about his plans.«J’ai connu assez peu de grosses relations dans ma vie. Je suis un aventurier, je suis un peu fou, je me suis dit : « pourquoi pas tenter cette expérience ? Mais la difficulté a été de se séparer de sa mère de laquelle il est très proche, et à laquelle il dit tout. J’adore voyager, partir à l’aventure seul, cela correspondait vraiment à ma personnalité », répond-t-il lorsqu’il lui est demandé la raison pour laquelle il a donné son accord pour participer à cette émission.AP: Well, they’re popular enough that he's been earning, last time I was able to check his Patreon earnings, he was earning over fifty-thousand U. What has been your experience with Professor Peterson?AP: Well, he has used social media and other channels to invite his followers and fans to harass people who disagree with him publicly, and that has included me.

CO: But he says that he has developed this — somebody else is developing this website — and there is an artificial intelligence bot that will be able to identify such content and such, as he calls it ideology, in a course, in the syllabus of any program and be able to warn students about that so they can decide for themselves.Or if you should avoid that like the plague that it truly is. PEET: Well, the idea is to ferret out university courses containing content that he doesn't like.JD: That was the University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson from a You Tube video posted in July. Pete is a physics professor at the University of Toronto. CO: Professor Peet, that clip was from July, that we heard from Jordan Peterson, what have you been hearing about this proposed website? A specific goal that he mentioned is trying to reduce enrollment by 75 per cent in just five years.It was after he refused to use — he declared himself refusing to use gender neutral pronouns when interacting with transgender students — and that he would not support human rights legislation that was aimed at protecting gender identity against discrimination.I just want to ask you to react to one thing he said to us.