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Jessy ever since she started her agency - Montreal Sex City.I must say that she and Peter are the two best people to work with. Jessy - The Most Reliable Agency's thread @ the past two to three years, I have come to trust Jessy's recommendations and judgment and I've never been disappointed. I immediately agreed and boy I was so thrilled I had taken her suggestion.She knows my taste in women, and she always comes up with the right choice for me. I`m just your average American Dude here in Montreal to enjoy this City`s exceptional hospitality and culture and friendly people.Since me and Jessy go way back (Good ol times) i took her advice and booked Nikki Katt for an hour.She arrived right on time and the first impression was exactely what i expected from the pictures on msc,no photoshop bullpoop there.

Had been looking around for a Montreal experience and found Montreal Sex City. As usual pre-booking almost a week ahead with MSC was easy and fast. She is described on the site as 19 and drop dead gorgeous and true to form she is a beauty, all info is accurate... 2 out of 2 now in giving me the post-encounter rubber legs. I'm not even sure I can make it to the hot tub floor. 122580-Madison-Montreal-Sex-City Met with Bambi from MSC, as usual booking with Jessy and friends easy and always pleasant Asked the booker (Jessy's day off about this newbie and he mentioned that she had just seen 1-2 clients , went very well, but nothing on MERB yet So here goes..I decided to go with Jennie, whose pics and description looked quite inviting. Easy to set up via text on relatively short notice. Selected Jennie based on her pics despite no reviews, sure am glad I TOFTT. I was visiting Montreal for a week and decided to have some fun -- saw some great reviews here on Karla so called up. This girl is a dream come true -- sensuous, smart, polite, attentive and very talented. In many ways they are exactly like they were when I first joined in 2011 -- Mostly weekday Outcalls before 11 pm with a good mix of body types and ages.She loves what she does and is intense at doing it... I have had great experiences with them, but even without I would also admire that consistency in this (pun intended) up and down industry.