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Employers take the assistance of law enforcement agencies to check peoples criminal records.

A criminal background report request form is given to the job applicant by the employer and he/she fills the form and takes it to the police station.

This is done to ensure that the person they are hiring is genuine.

Applicants have to fill out the application form and get a criminal record check done.

It is imperative that you check the criminal background of a person that you are dating and planning to marry, while appointing a baby-sitter to be sure that he/she is not a child abuser, when you employ new people in your office and for various other reasons. You can easily find these websites by doing a search in Google.

Be sure to ask the county clerk or an officer at the police station the exact requirements for a background check in your area. A small fee could be charged to allow you to search their records and you must need the person’s consent to do a background check on them. Best Background Check Websites/Criminal Resources To check a person’s criminal record, you can visit the local county courthouse, local police department and submit a request for a background check and or to search through public criminal court records.A lot of information on the criminal history of a person can be gathered online in no time flat.Use the resources available on the Internet to check peoples criminal background who seems doubtful or is new to you and might work at your home or in office or for various other important reasons and clear your doubts and stay in peace.