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As a result of the publicity, we also received information that Karen Fonseca was wanted on a Felony warrant pursuant to a grand jury indictment.Once we verified the outstanding warrant, steps were taken to serve the warrant.The facts in this case as I see them are that Karen Fonseca wanted to place her feelings into the public realm by driving around with an obscenity on her vehicle. This recognition did not cause her to be indicted by a grand jury for Felony Fraud (this happened back in August of 2017), but it did bring the subsequent warrant to our attention and we did our job by arresting her.

That's why we are in the world we are in today," she continued, noting that she and her husband added the "Yeah..." and "Fuck Troy Nehls" portion of the decal after she got out of jail. 15, Nehls ignited a viral, heated debate about free speech after he posted a photo of the truck on Facebook, stating that he had "received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck" and wanted to discuss it with the driver. I hope the truck owner sues the pants off of this clown," one person wrote.

Nehls said the local prosecutor would be "willing to accept disorderly conduct charges regarding it." The post swept across social media, garnering more than 10,000 comments from people either chastising the sheriff for infringing upon free speech, or the truck driver for such an incendiary message."I voted for Trump. "Using a badge to intimidate people of different political persuasions is a disgrace to the office he holds, and he should be removed.""I've seen this truck, and I would (be) pleased if the owner of this vehicle was prosecuted for disorderly conduct.

My children saw this, and I was infuriated they were subjected to this offensive display," another said.

He acted like a cyber bully and threatened her with prosecution."The American Civil Liberties Union also weighed in on the debate, telling the sheriff on Facebook that it's "Constitutional Law 101: You can't ban speech just because it has '[email protected]' in it.

Hey truck owner, feel free to contact the ACLU of Texas." As for his name now being on the back of her truck, Nehls told local station KPRC he was "not surprised" and "thinks it's disgusting."His office also released lengthy statement after her news conference Monday afternoon: Last week, I received complaints from Fort Bend County residents regarding the window sticker on her truck, which states, “F*** Trump, and F*** You for voting for him.” The residents informed me they were offended at the language displayed on the truck, and I asked for a photo.