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After a hazardous operation, with the airship being blown along at speeds of up to 25 knots, the lifeboat was eventually lowered safely into the sea, complete with all crew, including the cat.

The airship, still airborne, and now considerably lighter, vanished over the horizon.

"Manufacturer: Sopwith Aviation Company Type: Fighter First Introduced: 1918 Number Built: 497 Engine: Bentley B.

R.2, 230 hp Wing Span: 31 ft 1 in Length: 19 ft 10 in Height: 9 ft 6 in Empty Weight: 1312 lb Gross Weight: 2020 lb Max Speed: 121 mph Ceiling: 19,500 ft Endurance: 3 hrs Crew: 1 Armament: 2 machine guns Earlier, he'd been awarded another medal, the Star Trio.

Their salvation depended on crossing the path of a Royal Mail Ship, the Trent, which (they) knew was sailing from Bermuda to New York at the time. on the morning of October 18 Wellman spotted the ship.

Soon, the Americas crew were communicating with the Trent by Morse code and then by radio.

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His other files on Bermuda relating to aviation include Airlines serving Bermuda - Bermuda International Airport - US Military Bases in Bermuda from 1941 to 1995.

He was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying his bomber into the centre of a formation of some 30 German planes.

He and his observer shot three down in flames and sent two others crashing to the ground.

Their attempt to cross the Atlantic came just a decade years after the first modern dirigible was launched and seven years after the Wright Brothers motorized glider sputtered into the air at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

American newspaper publisher Walter Wellman also purchased a sturdy - subsequently famous - lifeboat from an English firm in 1910 as he was preparing to attempt the first powered flight across the Atlantic in the America.