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I hope that each of you look back on 1979-80 with happ\' memories of another exciting chapter in \our life.

— Peggy Seeger, "I want to be an Engineer" In today's world of specialized ca- reers, it is quite possible to spend tour years of college preparing for a job only to find \ou dislike it.It was a trying time for us both and we both received support from friends and family.A comment from one among my circle was probably meant as friendly advice: “Unfortunately,” he said – educated, urbane, younger than I was – “you have made things very difficult for yourself.” Both comments were referring to the fact that I was – am – a single mother.They organize and direct tours for interested high school students for the Admissions office, and organize the annual Alumni Telethon.A few weeks of putting off classwork to party with friends and play in the sun, let the work load multiply.