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And the provided link to the blogs is useless, it has unrelated and unhelpful content on there.-Many thanks.So, how to get 1.5 patch working: Patches full 1.40 Update process will begin and will be done in no time, after that you´re good to go. page=support-bf2142Direct Download Link: For All Windows Games Note: Make sure to run as admin. Vor diesem Patch muss Patch 1.50 installiert werden. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ============================== If you have purchased the game on media then follow the instructions below.

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On Monday, members of the Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership features exclusive rewards you can't get anywhere else!

This README file includes information that pertains to general problems and questions you may have concerning the game or your computer. From this screen follow the prompts onscreen to complete the installation.

************************************************ ================= TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= I. If the game does not auto run, open up “My Computer” and double click on the drive in which the disc is inserted.

has done is replace that core VIP reward with five special VIP mod cards.

Tied to the game's new loot box feature, in which players can opt to spend credits (and eventually real money, as confirmed by ) for a chance at limited edition cars, useless cosmetic driver outfits, or cards that modify the rewards given by races based on specific conditions.