Updating photo gallery on windows

For users of Windows Live Mail, having no security updates will matter the most.

For the other apps in the suite, it’s less important.

Microsoft no longer offers the installer for Windows Essentials 2012 for download.

There are copies of it floating around the web, but we generally don’t recommend installing from third-party sources you don’t know or trust, so we won’t link to them here.

We’ll start with the easy stuff: All the features of the Family Safety app and One Drive have been built into Windows 8 and 10, so if you use either of those, you’re good to go.

It may have more features than you need out of an email client, but aesthetically it still feels very much like Windows Live Mail.

You’ll still be able to use it, of course, but the apps will no longer receive updates of any kind, including security updates.

You also won’t be able to download the installer software anymore, either.

If you’ve already got it installed, you can keep on using it just like you always have.

Just be aware that there will be no future updates, including security updates.