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If there is a guy that has noticed and wants nothing more but to talk to you but every time he looks your way, you are either frowning, keeping your head down or seemingly “too busy,” he may interpret that as intimidation. When you head out for your day, try to allow yourself to be one with your environment.

If you notice that a guy is looking at you, make eye contact with him, smile briefly and continue on your way.

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As long as you keep catching yourself whenever you feel like you are about to slip and you simply let him continue, you will start learning how to become patient. The more you learn about him, the more you can follow up.Why exactly do you believe you are intimidating to guys?Is it something that you believe is due to your attitude, physicality or both?Actually give him the opportunity to talk and express his opinions.Whenever you find yourself in this position where you are interacting with a guy, keep telling yourself to be patient and hear him out.