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It needed everything from new floors to electrics and the garden was a muddy swamp.It took me 18 months to get it into a liveable condition and I spent £100,000.I had savings to rely on, but I did not want to dip into them unless I absolutely had to.Once people got to know me and gave me more shifts, my gamble paid off.But it has proved a good investment – it has doubled in value to nearly a million pounds.I have been saving into a pension since I started at Sky five years ago.Apart from her Sky Sports career, she is also a renowned live event host.She hosts dinners and Q&A sessions for organizations like Google, Chance to Shine Charity, the League Manager's Association and Amnesty International.

Sarah-Jane is known to be a versatile TV and a radio personality with a great talent.I put in two per cent of my salary each month while Sky pays in another four per cent. As well as my home I still own the first two properties I bought: a two-bed flat in Nottingham and a one-bed flat in Birmingham.I also save every month into a cash Isa, but I do not invest in the stock market. I am not making money on them because the rental income is just covering the mortgages.I do not pay any attention to how much they are worth at the moment. I tend to put everything I buy on my American Express card because I am addicted to racking up air mile points – even though I hardly ever use them. I do not pay a lot of interest, but of course it is a waste of money. In fact, do you know what I am going to do after this interview?I am going to phone up my credit card company and clear my debt.